Avon Community Access & Media, Inc.

Avon Community Access & Media (ACAM) was established as a not for profit corporation in 2009 to provide non-commercial public, educational and government community cable television services. We provide access to community cable television facilities and training to the residents and businesses in the Town of Avon.

Broadcast Schedule

Click on the link below to view the times and show names on a daily basis. The Weekly Schedule can also be seen on the Channel 9 Bulletin Board. 

Schedule page opens to show images for a number of recently uploaded shows. You can click onto a show Image or click for an expanded search to find shows by name if you know the name of the show. We Broadcast on Comcast Channel 9.


Around the Crackerbarrel - Hosted by Bruce Lane & Gerry Picardi

Join Avon's longest running Cable Access talk show. Bruce & Gerry continue to talk about things happening in and around Avon. Modeled after the old fashioned General Store, watch the Crackerbarrel where people can talk about regional and local issues.

Let's Talk - Hosted by Sandy Blanchette

A regularly scheduled show interviewing local area organizations and town committees, schools and discussing all the issues effecting Avon's residents. See who Sandy will be interviewing next.

A Senior Moment - Hosted by Gene Mazella

Avon Council on Aging Director is hosting local shows discussing various activities of interest to Avon Seniors.

Avon Baptist Church Services - Pastor Rick Cederholm

Avon Baptist Church services are video taped and broadcast twice a month. Services can be seen on Channel 9 or on Video On Demand (VOD).

Video on Demand (VOD)

ACAM announces that we have installed new VOD equipment in our Avon studio to allow us to offer viewers Video On Demand on any internet viewing device. Now you will be able to see shows where ever you want, and when ever you want to see them.

VOD Shows are indicated in the schedules with a GREEN ARROW.You can click on the program listing and the video will come up for you to click on to watch. You can also search for a particular show off the schedule, and if that program is set up as a VOD program, you can watch that as well.

NOTE: VOD Programs started in August, 2016, so older programs have not been set up as VOD programming. If there is an older program that you would like to see the VOD option added, or have any questions about VOD, please email ACAM at: avoncable@yahoo.com

Have an idea for a new show?

Our locally produced shows are done by local town residents. Do you have an idea to add to one of our existing shows, or an idea for a new show? Let us know.

We are always looking for new ideas and new shows. Do you have a talent or profession that you could demonstrate on local access TV? We can provide you with the help to get those talents on TV.

Our studios are comfortable, low key and not at all intimidating. All shows are video taped, but we do have the ability to go live from our ACAM Studios if needed.

We can offer technical assistance and training. If you would like to see what ACAM Channel 9 has to offer, contact us for a local tour.

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you to comment on our programming as well as offering ideas for future programming. Please contact us with questions, and suggestions and any feedback or comments using the optional form on this page or by sending us an email.

If you want to see more of the studio, then contact the Executive Director, Gary Erickson, to set up a tour. Located on Route 28 in Avon Center across from the Avon Cooperative Bank and next to the Avon Post Office.

Attn: Executive Director, Gary Erickson

2 East Main Street

Avon, MA 02322